Welding laser FORZA 160J
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Product description

Welding laser is an ideal solution for precise repairs and during production processes.
The microprocessors used in Forza machines increase the speed of generating the next pulse. The processor is able to accurately measure the parameters and energies of the pulse, sampling takes place every 100 microseconds. This has a great influence on the repeatability, quality and speed of subsequent welds.
Thanks to the precision and low temperature influence on the workpiece, the machining of the workpiece after laser welding is much cheaper and less time consuming.


  Model Forza 160  
  Pulse peak power 7 KW  
  Max. impulse energy 160 J  
  Weld spot size 0,2 do 2,0 mm  
  Pulse time 0,1-20,0 ms  
  Frequency 0,5-30Hz  
  Microscope x10, Leica  
  Number of pre-programmed welding curves 6  
  Possibility to save your own settings 99  
  Cooling Water  
  Camera Integrated  
  Communication with the computer USB  
  Weight 40 kg  
  Dimensions 750 mm x 540 mm x 530 m  

Features of the device:

  • Frequency control allows for spot welding as well as continuous welding.
  • The operation of the FORZA 160 is extremely simple. Thanks to the use of a modern touch screen, we are sure that
  • the work is safe and intuitive.
  • The device has 6 predefined welding pulse curve programs.
  • The shielding gas nozzle (Argon) is directed directly at the welding point.
  • Additional air nozzle for cooling the elements in the working chamber.

Laser applications

  • repair of casting defects such as porosity or cracks by welding these places with wire welding.
  • dentistry
  • optics
  • jewellery
  • motoring


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