Spektrometr EDX800
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Skyray Instrument
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Product description

The EDX 800 is the result of many years of SkyRay's experience in designing equipment for the analysis of alloys and precious metal products. It has an ergonomic design, user-friendly interface and professional software making elemental analyses in the jewellery industry simple and fast.

EDX880 has an efficient and practical proportional counter that provides accurate measurements of the composition of jewellery alloys while maintaining low purchase and operating costs. It is made of durable materials and has an interesting and practical look.

 Product features:

    Designed for precious metal analysis.
    Intelligent software for precious metal analysis fully compatible with the analyzer.
    Optional free analysis and test models.
    Independent models of matrix effect correction.
    Multi-variant, non-linear regression procedure.


Technical specification of EDX 800:

Model: EDX 800, EDXRF spectrometer for metal analysis and jewellery coatings.

Detector: Proportional counter, 1.5 mm collimator for small area measurements.

Source of excitation: X-ray tube, lower radiation source.

Lamp current: 50-1000 µA.

Lamp voltage: 5-50 kV.

Analysis time: 60-200 s.

Measured elements: Standard Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Pd, Cu. Additional elements upon agreement with the manufacturer.

Measurement stability:  +/- 0.1% (main ingredient content over 96%).

Sample forms: Solids, powders, liquids.

Sample positioning: Laser viewfinder, CCD camera, additional holders for small and irregular samples.

Power supply: 220 VAC +/- 5V (recommended stabilized source).

Operating temperature: +5 °C to + 30 °C.

Operating humidity: ≤70%.

Chamber dimensions: 360x370x416mm.

Standard configuration: Measuring chamber, laser viewfinder, proportional counter, 50W x-ray tube, signal detection circuit, set of brackets.

Subject to change without notice.

Applications: Analyses of precious metals in jewellery samples.
    Research in technological processes in the jewellery industry.
    Stores, wholesalers, jewellery and bullion collection points.

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