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Product description

The TASTE 3D laser marker combines the quality of fiber laser marking with the best components and a compact and compact design. Modern design, compact design, smart security features and good ergonomics make the device intuitive and comfortable to use, and most importantly, it meets all safety standards. The sealed construction made of lightweight materials prevents dust from penetrating and extends the life of the marker. An unquestionable advantage of the TASTE laser is the asymmetric double door, which provides easy replacement of the marking elements. Doors as well as side panels can be easily disassembled, which greatly facilitates the work with large objects for marking.

The marker is equipped with a remote data monitoring module. This enables data transmission from any device via the Internet. The linear guides with photoelectric limit sensor used in the device make the work of the marker stable, efficient and more durable. Ergonomic buttons on the control panel enable full control of the marker, and launching positioning, head movement, autofocus or lighting is extremely simple and user-friendly.


Fiber TASTE 3D specification

Laser power:                  60W

Source:                          IPG Fiber

Field of work:                 130 x 130 mm

Frequency:                     1-400kHz

Wave length:                   1064nm

3D scanner                      1,000 points per second

Marking mode:                 XYZ 3-axis dynamic focus

Minimum line width:         0,03mm

Coding speed:                  8000mm/s

Dimensions:                     599x554x752 mm


3D marking

Preview of the marking field

Exhaust extraction system (optional)

Safe closed design

Easy removal of doors and side panels

Modern design

Intuitive control panel



Properties of fiber laser TASTE 3D

- the device is controlled by a low voltage which makes it fully safe and complies with all the highest safety standards
- inductive switch - switches off the source when the device door is opened
- protective glass meeting European safety standards protects the operator's eyesight and allows observation of the processing process
- innovative software using 3D models and surface scanning
- 3D engraving - relief
- the 3D marking and 3D scanning function perfectly solves the problem of marking objects of different shapes or heights
- a device equipped with a dynamic 3-axis optical system
- mirror movement on the Z axis enables continuous change of focal length

Additional options:

Rotary module enables marking of cylindrical objects
The rotating disk allows you to place more marked objects in the device.

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