Jewelers bench - Small
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Product description

Goldsmith's table - Small. Equipped with a cabinet with three drawers on the right side.
In the cabinet there are also three drawers and one shelf.
Table top made of plywood (40 mm thick), lacquered, with steel plate with socket and clamp and wooden wedge. Desk equipped with a steel plate with a socket and clamp, and a wooden wedge. Under the top there is a pull-out shelf on metal guides. Cabinets lockable, desk is supplied with a set of locks and keys. Gold plating table for the studio designed to improve the comfort of work on jewelry, unlike ordinary desks table top is mounted higher which does not tire your hands while working.


- Table top dimensions: 1020 x 530 mm,
- Height from worktop to floor: 90cm,
- From shelf to floor: 65 cm,
- Width of cabinet and shelves: 89cm,
- Length of shelf and cabinet: 61cm,
- Weight: 50 Kg.
- Three drawers. Including one lockable.
- Lockable cabinet.
- Shelf.


Lacquered top with steel plate equipped with:

- Socket.
- Clamp.
- Wedge.

Wedge for jewellery table made of hardwood for fixing in steel plate of goldsmith's table.

Dimensions of the supplied wedge:

Length: 19 cm,
Width: 6.5 cm,

The length of the fall: 12.5 cm,
Length of the assembly part: 4.5 cm,
Thickness of the assembly part: 1.5 cm.


There is one jewellery wedge included in the set, which will make it easier to work with balls and jewellery processing tools. In our shop you can also buy exchangeable wedges and steel plates for goldsmith's table.


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