Induction desktop furnace DH2 - 2kG
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Product description

Induction desktop furnace

Induction furnaces for melting SPB-DH are suitable for small scale gold production, the weight of a single charge is within the range of 1-2 kg. This device can reach its maximum temperature of 1600℃ in fast time. The melting speed of metals and compactness of the device are the features that make this solution perfect also for melting other metals, such as silver, copper or aluminum.

The SPB-DH induction furnace needs only two minutes to melt a batch of any precious metal. In this way you can produce about 30 kg of gold per hour. The device is adapted to work in a continuous system, i.e. 24 hours a day, thus providing you with a perfect and efficient process of melting metal.
SPB-DH electric furnaces for melting use the latest IGBT induction technology. This technology reduces energy consumption and improves production efficiency. Thanks to the use of the latest induction system, the device is competitive with any other furnace on the market. Installation of the device takes a few minutes and operation is very simple and easy, along with features such as melting speed and small size we get a perfect device for precision casting and jewelry production.

Model DH2    
Power source Single phase 220V, 50/60Hz      
Power 3.8 kw      
Applicability Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys      
Melting time 2 min      
Max capacity 24K Gold: 2.4 kg 18K Gold: 2.0 kg 925 Silver: 1.2 kg      
Max temperature  1600℃      
Temperature control k-type Optional      
Dimension 520*400*330mm      
Weight 22 kg      
Heating technology Induction      
Cooling Water  

Consumables (crucible) are not part of the set and must be purchased separately.

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