Engraving machine - M40 GIFT
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Product description

The M40 Gift engraving machine has been specially developed for the mechanical engraving of glass and cylindrical objects such as bottles, glasses and tankards, while retaining all the advantages of its standard laser pointer version. The pointer is used for fast positioning and simulation of the engraving on the workpiece.

The M40 Gift is the ideal machine for engraving business gifts, souvenirs, jewelry, wedding presents or gifts for a newborn. It is designed with an integrated lubrication system for easy glass engraving.

M40Gift engraving machine
Engraving of key fobs with the M40Gift machine
Engraving of cylindrical objects with the M40Gift machine
Engraving of business gifts with the M40Gift machine
Engraving of objects with the M40Gift machine

Ideal for glass engraving

In addition to engraving personalized or gift items, the M40 GIFT has become the benchmark for bottle, glass and jug engraving thanks to its cylindrical attachment and integrated lubrication system. 

All-in-one machine

This is down to its unique attachment system designed to engrave all types of objects, (flat, bulky, cylindrical and cone-shaped items) and optimized communication with its engraving software (Point & Shoot, pre-engraving simulation, etc.)

Just add a continuous lubrication system for perfect glass engraving.

Ergonomics and design

The M40 Gift has an open work area which gives the operator full and easy access to the job and materials needed. The system is designed with a range of depth regulating noses to produces even engraving, particularly on uneven surfaces. You can use the integrated laser beam pointer to simulate your engraving work before engraving begins.

The M40 G is equipped with an electrically operated vice, a bathtub and a closed circuit of coolant that supports the glass engraver to ensure the highest quality engraving. The device also allows you to mount cylindrical objects with an inclination of up to 10 degrees, which significantly increases the ability to mount unusual glass objects.

On the electrically controlled vice we can put any set of overlays or work table turning the engraving machine into a device for standard engraving.

  • Technical specifications

    Engraving area 305 x 210 mm
    Z axis 40 mm
    Max. size of engravable item 40 mm
    Size of machine 730 x 540 x 340 mm
    Cylindrical engraving Diameter: de 4 to 160 mm
    Max length: 470 mm
    Cylinder tilting + / - 10°
    Ring engraving Outside only
    Photo engraving Optional
    Bluetooth Optional

Examples of applications

Engraving of glass bottles
Engraving of metal cups with Gravograph engraving machines
Mechanical engraving on metal industrial parts
Engraving of funeral plaques
Engraving of badges
Mechanical engraving of signage plaques
Personalisation of wooden objects by engraving


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