Disc finishing units – ECO MINI "Dry"
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Product description

Disc finishing units– ECO MINI

OTEC's ECO mini series is unbeatable in terms of cost-effectiveness. This model packs the technology of large industrial disc finishing machines into an amazingly compact format. The patented technology enables the finest granulates to be used, givng a sensational shine comparable to that obtained by manual polishing. In addition, the plastic abrasive medium used prevents any unsightly pitting on the surface of jewelry. A timer makes the machine easy to operate and it works quietly without producing dust.

ECO-MINI  “DRY” with the series ECO-mini, it has been possible to successfully integrate the technology of large, industrially used disc finishing machines into a tiny machine. The patented technology now enables the use of the finest granules with the result of a sensational shine. As if polished by hand.

The  dry  polishing  machines  from  OTEC  achieve  finishes as if polished by “hand”. The finest pol-ishing  granulate  ensures  minimal  material  re-moval in the micro-region and a brilliant shine – without damaging the set stones in the process.

The ECO-mini dry polishing machine in the mini format is predominantly used for polishing tarnished or worn jewellery or is used for the individual processing of heavy workpieces with delicate forms.
Features of the ECO-mini

It is the smallest and most efficient “finishing centre” on the market. The machine is easy to operate using a timer and works quietly without producing dust.

Areas of use
- Very small batches or prototypes
-  For jewellers, jewellery retailers
- For the processing of heavier, more complex work pieces

standard equipment

  • 1 kg high-quality impregnated walnut shell granulate Type H 1/100 (coarse)

  • 1 kg high-quality impregnated wanut shell granulate Type H 1/500 (fine)

  • 1 tube polishing paste Type P 6 (110 g)

  • Screen scoop



Maximum quantity of processed products: 100 g.
Average process time: from 1 to 2 hours.

Technical data:

    Capacity: 3l.
    Power supply: 220 V.
    Width: 225 mm.
    Height: 345 mm.
    Weight: 4 kg.




Optional special equipment for ECO-mini dry
 - Ring holder for heavy pieces of jewellery (over 7 grams)
 - Processing media set for the dry processing

Certified acc. To DIN 9001
This ensures optimized workflow throughout the entire  production  process  and  guarantees  max-imum efficiency and the highest quality assur-ance from engineering to production. As  a  result,  OTEC  maintains  its  leadership  po-sition  in  the  world  marketplace  in  its  efforts  to  create perfect surface.

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