Computerized engraving machine M20 V3
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Product description

The compact M20 engraving machine is ideal for personalizing objects and making small industrial engravings on various materials (aluminum, gold, copper, silver, plastic, etc.).


Lightweight, quiet, and portable, this machine can accompany you to trade shows, meetings, and other events.


Compact series of engraving machines

Are you starting your own business? Do you want to diversify your business? Planning to expand your machine park? Or simply changing your tools? The M20 is the solution for you!

Compact, unobtrusive and lightweight, this mechanical engraving machine's small size makes it easy to install in a store or small workshop.

Includes a variety of tools and accessories for fine engraving (diamonds), deep engraving (cutters), and cutting soft and thin materials.


Custom machine

The M20 mechanical engraving machine evolves according to your needs or market trends. Additional modules and accessories make it easy to work with what's new in your product line.

When you buy a machine that suits your current application, Gravograph supports you in growing your business. You can add additional modules to your initial configuration at any time (e.g. an engraving kit for pens or rings)




The M20 benefits from a new robust bridge and a stronger spindle.
Built for industry. The M20 engraving machine is a guarantee of durability and solidity. Its design allows for engraving directly at the point of sale while maintaining safety and aesthetics of the place.
Combining these two elements in a single machine gives the M20 the rugged industrial build and look that make it a must-have for luxury boutiques. Customers can admire and watch as their purchase becomes one of a kind.


Easy to Operate
The M20 is very easy to use. It is designed to eliminate the risk of error from the design stage to the engraving of the finished item.

Items of different shapes and materials (e.g. bracelets) can be engraved directly thanks to Gravograph's innovative solutions: surface tracking with the adjustment nose, height detection with the auto Z function, positioning with the Point&Shoot function or engraving simulation.

In terms of tools, we're moving from the limited range reserved for the previous M20 range of engravers to a more extensive range - One Cut and TwinCut cutters and diamonds that provide more cutting, drilling and engraving options.



Technical features

Flat engraving area 100 x 100 mm
Max. engraving area 180 x 110 x 100 mm
Height under the spindle 100 mm
Feed in Z-axis 30 mm
Engraving pressure 0.3 to 1.2 kg, 4 positions possible

Physical characteristics

Device dimensions 345 x 315 x 305 mm
Weight 12 kg


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