Aquaflame 500 - Hydroflame
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Product description

The Aquaflame allows precise welding of even the smallest details. The Aquaflame series is a wide range of specialized machines that produce a high-temperature flame from the gas it produces. The units are characterized by low failure rate and low operating costs.

The series of devices has been used for years in such industries as jewellery, dentistry and industry. Smaller devices are designed to work with only one torch, larger ones can work with 2 or even 4 torches simultaneously.

Pure green flame.

Using standard electrolyte, hydrogen and oxygen are produced by electrolysis of distilled water.
The process is environmentally friendly. Before the chemical reaction, the mixed gas is fed through an atomizer and supplied to one or more torches with a special tube.

Aquaflame machines are widely used for soldering jewellery – they produce a clean, high temperature precision flame that can be used for a number of jewellery soldering / welding applications as follows:

  • Melting yellow gold, melting white gold, melting rose gold, melting silver, melting copper, melting brass, melting bronze, melting up to 25 gm bar / ingot
  • Soldering thick and very thin chains (1 mm)
  • Soldering earring posts
  • Soldering dress rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings, signet rings, stacking rings
  • Re-sizing all types of rings
  • Soldering filigree items
  • Re-tipping and re-clawing
  • Soldering heavy weight bracelets
  • Platinum soldering using no.18 & 19 nozzles
  • Annealing wire and sheet metal, Annealing Blanks
  • Melt ups for recycling scrap metal
  • Soldering bangles
  • White metal and pewter soldering
  • Micro-welding jewellery
  • Micro-soldering jewellery

Aquaflame machines are ideal for both jewellery manufacturing and jewellery repairs. They are widely used by independent jewellers, manufacturing jewellers and repair departments of retail jewellers. Aquaflame is a versatile and powerful machine that enables the operator to do all of the soldering jobs in the workshop. It can also be used for melting scrap for recycling and annealing. Additionally, Aquaflame is the perfect tool for soldering all types of precious metals.

Aquaflame machines are high performance oxyhydrogen gas-generating units producing a high temperature precision flame – in the range of 1200-3300°C * (2192-5972°F) used for soldering and welding items. Aquaflame is also referred to as a Water Torch, Microweld, Mini Welder, Micro Flame, Aqua torch, Hydroflame. Hydrogem, Jewel Flame, Klein Weld.

Using a standard electrical supply, hydrogen and oxygen are produced by the electrolysis of distilled water so that the hydrogen can be burnt in the oxygen. The oxyhydrogen gas is passed through an MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) solution which reduces the temperature to about 1850°C and transforms the flame to a blueish yellow colour. The flame is a highly controllable and efficient high energy heat source. The only product of this process, other than energy, is water. The Aquaflame is safe as it only produces gas as required; it is also efficient, clean and environmentally friendly. Aquaflame is truly a remarkable soldering machine.


Soldering links heavyweight chain

Soldering Heavyweight chain

Aquaflame is powerful enough to solder heavyweight chain. The Model 800 is the bestselling machine for jewellery and will generate 120 litres of gas per hour. Using a no.18 tip it is possible to do large soldering work.

Precision soldering of lightweight chain

Precision soldering of lightweight chain

Aquaflame shows its versatility by easily soldering small lightweight chains. The precision tips allow access into delicate parts without causing damage to other areas. It is possible to change the tips so as to generate a tiny precision flame.

Re-sizing stone set ring

Re-sizing stone set ring

Aquaflame is the perfect tool for jewellers and repair shops. The machine is used worldwide for re-sizing rings of all sizes. The precision flame gives the jeweller complete control of the heat because the different tips control the size of the flame.

Soldering post to earring

Soldering post to earring

Aquaflame can be used for soldering earring posts.

Assembling fine filigree work

Assembling fine filigree work

A variety of tips are available allowing the jeweller to choose from a small precision flame with the no.24 tip or a more powerful flame with the no.18 tip. Our model 1200 which can be used for up to 4 users can use up to a no.17 tip permitting melt ups and annealing work too.

Soldering platinum ring

Soldering platinum ring

Aquaflame is powerful enough to solder platinum. Aquaflame generates a flame at 1850°C so is not hot enough to melt platinum. However the oxyhydrogen flame will melt easily and medium platinum solder thus allowing the solder to flow into the joint.

Soldering bangle components

Soldering bangle components

Using a no.18 tip it is possible to solder large bangle components. The Oxyhydrogen flame is clean and precise resulting in reduced oxidisation and easier polishing. The only by-product of Aquaflame is water.

Retipping stone setting

Repairing stone setting

Aquaflame can be used for re-tipping a stone setting. The precision flame can be directed at the claw without damaging other parts of the setting.

Soldering White metal

Soldering white metal

White metal has a very low melting point and therefore requires precision in terms of soldering so that other parts are not damaged. Aquaflame produces an extremely precise flame especially with the no.24 tip allowing easy soldering of white metal parts.

Annealing ingot ready for rolling mill


Aquaflame can be used for annealing metal. The no.18 tip will produce a flame large, enough to cover the bar so that the correct annealing process can be achieved.

Melting precious metal in a crucible

Melting precious metal in a crucible

Aquaflame can be used for recycling scrap. Here we see metal melting in a crucible.

Start of melting precious metal

Start of melt up in crucible

Aquaflame can melt up to 25 gm gold at one time.

Finished ingot after melting

Ingot after melting

Once the ingot is cooled it can be used as wire, plate or bar using the rolling mill.



Aquaflame machines are ideal for use in Investment casting wax rooms for a number of jointing and cleaning up operations. Use of a hydrogen torch allows a cleaner wax assembly leading to a reduction of inclusions in cast parts.



Technical specification:

Model: Aquaflame 500,
Gas production: 75 litres per hour,
Distilled water consumption ( per day ): 30ml,
Maximum flame temperature: 3300°C,
Power consumption: 0.55 kW,
Nozzles included: 20-24,
Nozzle sizes: 0.503 - 0.310,

Length: 400mm,
Width: 200mm,
Height: 300mm,

Weight: 20Kg.


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