Jewelry digital engraving machine M20 4-axis
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Product description

The M20 4 Axis engraving machine solution by French company Gravotech is an ideal device for jewellery industry applications such as engraving medallions, bracelets, watches and also cylindrical objects on the perimeter of e.g. feathers.
The device is equipped with a laser pointer with which the engraved pattern can be placed very precisely on the object.

The device can easily be placed in a shop or office.
The whole consists of an engraving device, software, tools, accessories and user manual.
Easy attachment of plates and objects by means of a self-centering vice.
The depth-adjusting tip of the marker allows uniform marks to be obtained, even on uneven surfaces.
Dimensions of the device: 310 x 340 x 310 mm
Marking area: 100 x 100 mm


A small mechanical engraving machine

The M20 includes numerous tools. These different devices and accessories allow light diamond engraving, deep engraving on different types of materials and cutting of fine materials. 
Its compact design makes it an easy to install in a shop or small workshop.


Controlled from a computer or tablet, this machine allows you to perform all types of engraving on small items: jewelry, signage, personalized articles, photos, etc.


Optimized ergonomics integrating a large number of functions in a small space.  Features such as the self-centering vice, the Point & Shoot device and the regulating nose allow you to quickly become familiar with the machine. 


The M20 is one of the lightest and smallest machines in our range. With its compact design and just 10kg in weight, this machine can be easily moved for use at fairs or events. 


High-precision jewellery engraving machines

Precision in engraving and cutting is paramount in jewellery applications, which is why our machines achieve accuracy to less than 0.1 mm.

This precision is unrivalled because Gravograph jewellery engraving machines are the strongest and most robust on the market. They absorb the vibration generated by the machining process and thus deliver the very highest jewellery engraving quality.

Attractive and silent jewellery CNC machines

Our jewellery engraving machines are designed to be integrated into a store as well as a jewellery workshop.   

  • Software: Whatever the pattern, Gravostyle allows you to draw shapes and control your jewellery engraving machine with the utmost freedom.
  • Texts and symbols: even more character fonts for jewellery engraving.
  • Photographs: Faithful reproduction of the images provided by your customers; engraving photographs on engravable pendants or jewellery items will hold no mystery for you!
  • Handwritten messages: A Gravograph innovation with our Dedicace solution. This solution reproduces the exact lines of your customer's handwriting! Be it a drawing or message, the customer's own message is reproduced to perfection.


Accessories for perfect jewellery engraving quality: 

  • clamping jigs (several have been designed specifically for small pendants, charms, baby identity bracelets, bangles etc.)

Gravograph brings you an extended range of vice jigs to secure all types of objects during engraving. Our jigs are compatible with all engraving machines.

Jigs for large plates with removable studs
Jigs for bangles
Jigs for bangles
  • regulating noses (to avoid scratching the jewellery items being engraved) 
Ensure constant engraving depth, even on uneven surfaces

Block diagram of depth control nose

The height of the tip dictates the engraving depth
  • diamond tips

For the inscribing or dot peen marking of metals and glass.
Twisting or plotting diamonds available in the Onecut and Twincut ranges.

  • and many more!




With the benefit of 80 years experience in the field of engraving and marking, Gravograph is the market leader in jewellery engraving equipment. Our expertise and engineering know-how have delighted jewellery professionals for decades.

Mechanical engraving of a ring Mechanical engraving of a silver ring Precise mechanical engraving on a jewellery item  Mechanical engraving of rings (inside) Mechanical engraving of text on a baby identity bracelet Mechanical cutting of a pendant


Advantages of Gravograph jewellery engraving machines:

  • Numerous accessories dedicated specifically to jewellery (including: clamping jigs, regulating noses, chip collectors and more for impeccable jewellery engraving quality!)
  • Software assistants for engraving rings, bracelets or other engravable jewellery items
  • Specialist training and technical support to better guide and assist you in your jewellery engraving projects

 Engraving with M20 machine:



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