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We have the honor to present to you the innovation of creating designs with the help of the best program on the market.

3Desing CAD v.9 PRO, a complete version of the design program dedicated.

To jewelers and jewelry designers with the ability to generate projects (files) for machines intended for prototyping with the extension *.STL.

Creating designs by traditional methods involves manually creating a model by an experienced designer with outstanding manual skills. The model is usually started with a sketch on paper. The model is made of metal or wax, and to create a pattern, it is necessary to have a full range of jewelry tools and equipment as well as great skill. It is a very difficult and time-consuming technique that requires immense precision and experience. Designing a pattern is limited by the precision of the tools used and human error. As a result, the pattern is not as intended initially, which often forces the designer to start over. However, the 3Design jewelry design program allows you to create patterns in a simple and fast way. Computer-aided design allows you to create even the most complex and intricate elements. In addition to knowing the program and having your own imagination, the designer does not need any manual skills. 3Design is a parametric program that allows you to make changes even in a finished project without having to design everything from scratch. The program is equipped with many tools that facilitate the most troublesome and time-consuming activities in jewelry making, such as stone setting and fitting settings, etc.

The program allows changes at every stage of creation and quickly adjusts finished projects to current trends. Additionally, 3Design allows you to create professional photos of designed patterns, which allows you to create a catalog and offer customers a full range of designs while producing only the models they choose. After completing the design, the file is saved on the computer's disk in a special format with the extension *.STL. The prepared file is exported to the machine.

What's new in 3DESIGN CAD v.9:

New interface and workspace management. Added new useful features and tools. Improved operation of many existing functions and tools. Improving the program's operation compared to previous versions by transferring a large number of commands from RAM to the memory of the graphics card. Significantly expanded environment for creating project visualizations (rendering).

3DESIGN CAD v.9 essential features:

Advanced stone report. Additionally, in version 9, we have access to precise ring measurements, with an expanded report to help transfer the project to reality. Exporting a project as a dimensioned technical drawing. Thanks to the material database, the program calculates the production costs of the project.

Prong and strap creators in setting creation. New stone setting strategy (concentric and along the curve). Baguette, honeycomb (setting in a row of rectangular stones). Perfect tools for manual adjustments.

Multimilling. Wrapping is a completely new feature for creating, for example, sailing patterns.

Advanced ring/signet creator. Automatic rail creation. Multi bulge (automatic rounding). UV Wrap/Unwrap (distortions). Channel (for embedding tools).

Rendering module:

Importing templates. Setting the object. Shadow simulation. Background. Video Rendering. Camera setting. Animations. Interactive Rendering. Previously released 2D programs allowed drawing by successively incorporating lines, top, side, and back view - as completely separate parts of the whole. 3Design allows for interactive preview of the designed object, which shortens work time. Every smallest change is automatically applied according to technical parameters. Thanks to these options, the potential client of the designed object can see a prototype on the computer screen, exactly from every side. Savings are cumulated on multiple levels.

A huge advantage of the program is the parameters tree, which allows for any change of individual parameters, even several weeks after creating a new project. After completing the work, you can create photos of new products to be included in the catalog, or even video files.

The task of 3Design is to show your projects to potential clients, allowing you to:

Creating unique jewelry with 100% dimensional accuracy. Using advanced features. Saving time and money during design. Presenting new designs to customers before production. Increasing your profits. Standing out with the offer and modernity of services. It is an art to create unique designs according to the latest trends and fashion. 3Design CAD v.9 is a solution that will help you achieve this. Join the 3Design family.

Minimum technical requirements:

Processor: Intel core i3 2.3 GHz or better. Memory: 8 GB RAM. Hard disk speed: 7200 RPM. Required free space: 10 GB. Screen resolution: 1600X1200. Minimum: 16 million colors. Number of free USB ports: 1 Graphics card: AMD or Nvidia supported below. OpenGL Minimum supported: 4.2. Recommended: 4.4 Mouse: 3-button. Connection is not required but recommended.


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